Ashley Kennedy

District 4-Ashley Kennedy

Here is how Ashley came to be a leader in the Rebellion.


I was watching the 54th Hunger Games with Sharlet Free,the sister of the male tribute,Harvey Free,when somebody knocked at my door."Who is it",I ask."Oliver Jameson",a man replies. "What is he doing here?', I think. "Hi i´m Ashley this is Sharlet",I say."I know who you are",he replies.Holding a knife behind my back I answer,'You do?". "Yes I need your help". "Sorry we are not ending up like some tributes after their games". "No its not that,we need to rescue Harvey from the Arena.",he says a bit annoyed.Sharlet perks up at the words rescue and Harvey,"Really?". "Yes we have a hovercraft ready." "HOW?!",I shout."We are going to start a rebellion.",Oliver says."And what get something worse than these stupid frekin games!!!!!!!!!!"."Come on Ashley we NEED to save Harvey", Sharlet says."Fine but for Harvey not your rebellion".Then we exit the house into the hovercraft on the way to the arena. The truth is I cant wait to see Harvey...........