Here you can find the leaders to this wikia and the rebellion.

Harvey FreeEdit

Name: Harvey Free

District 4 Boy Harvey Free

D4-Harvey Free

District: 4


Sex: Male

Personality: Quiet but fun-loving. Dont make him mad though! Easily angered. Polite manners

Weakness:Slight-Depresion and can lose control when angered.Strengths: Stealth,Speed and throwing knives.

How he got here: Escaped the 54th hunger games by being rescued by Oliver Jameson.

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Ashley KennedyEdit

Name: Ashley Kennedy

Ashley Kennedy

District 4-Ashley Kennedy

Age: 12

Sex: Female

District: 4

Skills:Swimming, Running, Climbing, Sword, Throwing Knifes,Making allies

Weaknesses:SPIDERS,Losing allies.

Biography: A wealthy tribute from district 4. She was trained for the games for a long time. She despised the games hopeing not to get reaped. When she is chosen she is shocked and nobody wants her to go.

How she got here:Went with Oliver,Sharlet and others to rescue Harvey