Keep calm and fight the capitol

Fight The Trolls.

Welcome To the Rebellion!Edit

This is a wiki against Trolls and all who want a peacefull wiki can join the cause! This is also a rebellion role-playing wiki in which anybody can join!

Please feel free to add or edit pages to the wiki and if you are being bullied or there is a troll report them to us and we will judge them.

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We have had it with trolls invading what used to be a peacefull place!

Fight Back!

Please Send us Your Info If you want to join the rebellion.




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You'll think me an addict after saying this, but today I went to my local Walgreens and picked up a few of the Hunger Games minifigures. I have the girl from District 4, the girl from District 8, the girl from District 9, and Thresh. May the odds be ever in your favor everyone! <3 User:TDIfan83